This intense class will cover:  Studio Lighting, outdoor lighting, off camera flash, window lighting, posing of couple, singles and groups.  Posing to help sell wall art, pricing, price list creation, marketing, in person sales strategies, business techniques, profitable workflow, packaging and presentation, buildng client rapport and much more!!

                 "Consistently one of North Americas most profitable studios"

                                                                Scott Kurkian, CFO, PPA


"This class transformed my business and confidence.  It gave me the skills to 

hit the sales targets i always wanted while helping me to free the time I wanted

for my family."

                                                              Mary Hebert Photography

                       Class is held each day from 8am- 5 pm.  The workshop is only 1495 and includes lunch and snacks each day.

                           Space is limited.  Call us at 603.488.1850 to reserve your spot today.